One of Epic’s goals is to live in the kingdom of God by practicing a discipline of justice. Like other spiritual practices that are good for us, our discipline of justice keeps us grounded in God’s heart for the world while not allowing our lives to wander far from the needs of our neighbors.  Engagement as a way of life is the norm of Christ’s disciples.

Locally, our desire is to encourage and empower the whole church to be involved relationally among our neighbors as a normal and regular part of their faith practice—particularly in Fullerton, our corporate epicenter. All of us have different convictions and passions, and our hope is to encourage initiative on God's leadings for the sake of the world. Globally, we form partnerships with organizations and churches ministering among the urban poor in cities where the gospel is greatly needed in its various forms.  Our goal is sustainable ministries that care for the whole person and work toward long-term solutions to complex problems.

In our time, we believe black lives matter, and our ability to testify to this, in particular, is how we testify to God's love for all lives, just as in Jesus, God has loved all humanity. Our church, founded as an Asian American congregation has become something multicultural and we work to understand how every voice can be heard.

“Join us in loving our neighbors!”


JOYA Scholars


JOYA Scholars is a non-profit collaborative organization birthed from Epic in 2009 with the goal of inspiring and preparing students from the Garnet Neighborhood in Fullerton toward higher education. JOYA works with middle, high school, and college students and their families through one-on-one mentoring, tutoring, college prep workshops and tours, and cultural events. 



Solidarity is a local non-profit Christian organization whose mission is to equip and empower believers to live out their faith by impacting communities toward holistic transformation. Solidarity works with youth and families in the Garnet, Maple, and Richmond Neighborhoods in Fullerton and spearheads Solful, a collaborative of summer programs in these neighborhoods each year. Epic supports Solidarity’s many ministries.

American Baptist Churches of LA, Southwest, and Hawaii (ABCOFLASH)


ABCOFLASH is our denominational covering and affiliation. Together we share a commitment to the urban city, supporting immigrant churches, church planting, world mission, and racial reconciliation. ABCOFLASH provides training, assistance, and support to our pastors and board members.  Epic’s pastors are also a resource to the denomination through teaching, participation, and membership, and our congregation provides an annual offering to the denomination's efforts to minister to the poor in the City of Angels and around the world.


Melanie Baggao


Melanie Baggao is endorsed as a development worker by American Baptist International Ministries (IM). She serves in Lebanon with IM partner, The Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development. Melanie is a member of Epic Church.

Jake and Emily


Jake and Emily are working with SIM in South Asia in order to build relationships, love their neighbors and serve the poor through community development work.

Simons Family


Jeff and Sara Simons are members of Epic and are CRM missionaries to Malaga, Spain, a strategic member care hub for the organization. The Simons' provide training, counseling, and development to missionaries and ministers in the field for CRM. Epic, as their home base, provides financial and spiritual partnership for their work abroad.