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Our Church Board

2016 Church Board:

Sarah Chun
Joel Elies
Sandra Franco
Leona Suegay
David Hong, Treasurer
Kevin Doi, Ex-Officio
Erin Hamilton, Ex-Officio


What is the Church Board?

Epic has a simple structure with only two standing governing bodies written into its constitution and by-laws: the church board and the pastoral staff.

The board was established to provide fiduciary and legal aspects of the church’s governance and to ensure compliance with regulations necessary to maintain our 501(c) 3 status and membership within the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, our denomination.

The board also provides direction, oversight, and accountability for the human resource and administrative aspects of the church’s operations. In addition, the board is expected to provide counsel and support on sensitive issues surrounding church discipline at all levels.

In accordance with our American Baptist polity, the church board is accountable to the congregation as their representatives. Partners of Epic nominate new candidates. The current Board then makes selections based on the list of nominated candidates. Partners then approve candidates by a majority vote.

Organizationally, the board is accountable to the congregation; the pastors are accountable to the board. Biblically, we are all accountable to one another.

Our board operates as a team in the same way we try to operate as a church – not as a business, but as a community created by the Spirit. We are a ministry team, not a board of directors in a narrow sense. The board does take the fiduciary and legal responsibilities very seriously; this is a vital part of our responsibility to the church. Yet the board is also cognizant that it is always first a servant of Christ and the church, his body.