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One of Epic's goals is to live in the kingdom of God by practicing a discipline of justice. Like other spiritual practices that are good for us, our discipline of justice keeps us grounded in God's heart for the world while not allowing our lives to wander far from the needs of our neighbors.  Engagement as a way of life is the norm of Christ’s disciples.

Locally, our desire is to encourage and empower the whole church to be involved relationally among the poor or marginalized as a normal and regular part of their faith practice—wherever they are, but in particular in Fullerton, our corporate epicenter. All of us have different convictions and passions, and our hope is to encourage the acting on those convictions for the sake of the world. Globally, we form partnerships with organizations and churches ministering among the urban poor in cities where the gospel is greatly needed in its various forms.  Our goal is sustainable ministries that care for the whole person and work toward long-term solutions to complex problems.

Though individuals and groups in our congregation are involved in a variety of justice ministries, on our Local and Global pages you'll see a list of our "official" partners by virtue of representation in our annual budget.

Join us in loving our neighbors!

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