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Sunday morning prayer is available at the Sunday service after the sermon during the last worship set. We are located along the back wall opposite the cross. Those available to pray during this time can be identified by their name tags. We invite you to ask for prayer if you would like a trained prayer person to briefly pray with you during this time.


This extended prayer session focuses on inviting God to minister to deep wounds and address root issues. A small prayer team with a trained leader will pray together with you. The hope for this prayer time is that God would be revealed through His truth and grace to bring healing in places of deep hurt, to experience living in greater freedom and ultimately to increase your intimacy with God.Prayer sessions are scheduled by appointment. Please contact Dorene Doi for more information.


The members of the Intercessory Prayer Group pray individually every week and corporately once a quarter. We pray for the prayer requests submitted to the church and as we are led by the Spirit. This is an open group, so anyone interested in interceding is welcome.

Our objective is to be advocates for the things that are on God's Heart and the things that are on God's people's hearts. In that process, we hope for an increased measure of love, hope and boldness as we pray to move heavenly things here on earth.