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Community.  Justice.  Healing.

These are not only our values, but also how we understand the person and ministry of Jesus - and thus our church community. Our vision is to be a church where love is both the means and goal, where our values of community, justice, and healing are varied expressions of the same love. In Jesus, we believe spirituality is ultimately human, relational, and holistic.

So here we are, an Asian American Church seeking to be a reconciled, alternative to the society in which we live; a visible sign of the Kingdom of God.  Our hope is that the Holy Spirit is indeed bringing that about.  We are an American Baptist Church with Anabaptist leanings.  We are not evangelical.

Our name, of course, means "grand story." An epic is a poetic composition with a hero at the center, an artistic expression through narrative – which we think is not only an apt description of the gospel but also how God is creating something meaningful, even beautiful, out of broken people here.

We have attempted to live true to our name by inhabiting and valuing narrative. That means valuing our own stories, the stories of others, and the story of our collective journey as a community. It is through story that we are discovering our identity as a church, our uniqueness, and our mission in the world. It is how we are discovering God.

Our Genesis

Epic emerged in 2001 from a satellite ministry of 22 people in collaborative effort between Evergreen Baptist Church of the San Gabriel Valley and Gateway Christian Church in Diamond Bar. Sensing the call to serve our city, we relocated to Downtown Fullerton where we continue to grow a multicultural community of people learning to follow Jesus together.

We are affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, one of the most diverse denominational chapters in the country, and with whom we share a commitment to the urban city, to reconciliation and justice, and to world mission.